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Artist Statement

It happened while I was on holiday with my family in Germany.
My brother and I went for the swings on a clearing on the mountain.
I had taken my parents’ camera with me and believe it or not but I took
my first selfie that way. Behind the swings, the forest continued up the mountain. I was intrigued by the looming of the trees and the beautiful roof they provided. I clicked away to try and capture the feeling of mystery those trees evoked from me. From that moment the flame was sparked. I was in charge of the famcam on all holidays from then. On the condition that I wouldn’t just take photos of trees that is. My parents had
a good laugh at those pictures when they went through the memory card that first year.


Standing still and appreciating a feeling is what got me started. I carried this into the street and took notice of messages passed among people that seemed to exist in their own little world. As if they weren't on display for all to see. That's what intrigues me about them. It's like people watching (maar dan anders). Recently I've been trying new things. Exploring only one place in photography would be dull I think. I'm making portraits of people now. It's through shared struggle that we connect and learn from each other. That's another thing I'm keen on. Learning. I believe I am a forever student and I'm pretty excited about that. The best example of this would be my People Are Just Stars project where I met up with people who also struggle with their skin. I've come to find that I'm not that alone after all and I can even say that through making this series I have gotten more accepting of my skin. I can see the stars in them now and all I want is for this series, this website and this book to do the same for others. Whether my future work will also have a flavour of personal urgency,
I don't know. What I do know is that I'm excited to find out.

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